Smart SprinklerControllers

Starting at $525

Includes setup and installation. Text, call or fill out our form to talk to a certified professional. 

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Hunter Pro HC

Smart watering for your whole yard.

Real-time, weather-based adjustments

Automatically adjust your watering based on local weather conditions, giving your yard the right amount of water every time.

Advanced controllers

Customize watering based on types of lawn, flowers, and veggies around your yard to accurately water each type.

Utilize “Flow Sensors” to accurately monitor water use and detect broken heads and lines to prevent property damange.

Control your sprinklers from your phone, anywhere.

Easy-to-use app or web-based platform

Available iPhone or Android app to make changes to your settings and turn on or shut off your sprinklers even when you’re not home.

Alerts and notifications

Receive automatic alerts when a pipe is broken, valve or wiring is not working properly, and changes in the forecast.

Professionally installed and programmed.

Certified IA Technicians

Our Certified IA Technicians will install, set up, and program your smart controller and help you identify problem areas.

EPA WaterSense Approved

Mountain Water & Irrigation smart controllers are EPA WaterSense Approved. Rebates are available in certain districts (check your local water service provider).

Have the best looking yard on the block.

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