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Tony working on a sprinkler system
Maximize your water savings.

Water management for any sized project.

Complete Water Management services for municipal, commercial and residential clients throughout the Intermountain West. Through the integrated web-based SMART management system our certified staff will monitor and adjust your irrigation system and provide reports about its performance and consumption. All leak and component failure alerts will be received and forwarded to the appropriate repair service personnel, with a follow-up report notifying the property owner or managers that the repairs are complete. With the help of a certified water manager, property owners and managers are able to maximize the efficiency of their SMART controller investment and produce maximum water savings.

Irrigation water audits.

An Irrigation Water Audit will help a property owner or manager understand how their irrigation system can be adjusted, repaired, or remodeled to achieve greater efficiency and reduced water usage. Co-Owner Anthony “Tony” Brucia is a Certified Irrigation Auditor with the Irrigation Association as well as a Certified Irrigation Contractor and Technician. All Certified Audits will include catch-can testing and documentation according to Irrigation Association Guidelines. Additionally, the audit will evaluate all components of the irrigation system, and a full report with recommendations for scheduling and repairs will be provided.

Low-tech water savings.

There are many good ways to save water with your irrigation system, and not all of them are high-tech or labor-intensive. Our Certified irrigation staff can typically give several simple ideas to property owners and managers that can result in significant water savings. From the installation of a rain sensor to programming the controller for cycle & soak running, water savings can be achieved at a very low cost. Give us a call today to speak with one of our Certified Irrigation Technicians.

Sprinkler system check-up.

A professionally completed Irrigation System Check-Up is a great way for homeowners and managers to get advice on the condition of their sprinkler system and how to save water. Our Certified irrigation staff will evaluate all components of the existing irrigation system, and provide a full report with recommendations for scheduling and repairs. Simple adjustments are included with this service, and minor repairs can be included upon request.

Control your sprinklers from your phone, anywhere.